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Preparation for childbirth and becoming a parent is an important part of pregnancy. Antenatal classes, also sometimes called parentcraft classes are recommended to all pregnant women and birth partners in order to gain an understanding of labour, birth and early parenting. Most antenatal classes are held in group settings and while this is appropriate for many, some prefer a more personal perspective. There are many providers of group antenatal classes, but private, one to one sessions are less often offered.

Babi is an alternative way for you to gather all the antenatal information that is so valuable at this stage of your journey. Not all parents want the same thing, so why not make it flexible, customisable and totally about you?.


I am a qualified midwife, and my philosophy is to provide reality-based, down to earth advice for parents to be. Sessions are provided to you and your partner in your home, where you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to ask questions and discuss topics that are relevant to you and your family.


Everything about Babi is flexible - the subjects discussed, who you would like to be present and how long you would like the sessions to be. In this way, you can access the information and reassurance that you need in an honest, non-preachy way. I am not pro-breastfeeding or pro-bottle, pro-’natural’ birth or medically managed. I am pro-what is right for you and your new family. I give you the information you need in order to make decisions and the means to navigate if things take an unexpected turn.

you set the agenda

The course content pages will give you an idea of the kind of things that can be covered in a session, but remember we can discuss some of them, all of them, or entirely different topics; the choice is yours, you set the agenda.