09/03/19 Libby…

What made you look for a service such as mine?:

Myself and my partner both have anxiety and the thought of groups really made us uncomfortable and we dreaded antenatal classes. We started looking at private antenatal classes and came across babi antenatal and it sounded perfect for what we wanted!

What were your expectations and did my service meet those expectations?:

We expected/wanted to gain valuable knowledge and information about what was going to happen towards the end of pregnancy, the start of labour and how to spot it, the science behind it all, newborn care etc. We basically wanted to have a conversation and all of our questions answered as we felt if we went for NHS classes we would not feel confident to ask questions. We also wanted some valuable practical experience as none of us have any experience with babies at all! Our expectations were certainly exceeded! All of our questions were answered in depth, any concerns or worries we had, no matter how silly or small, we were reassured constantly.

Was there anything in particular that you found useful/valuable/enjoyable?:

We loved having 1 session as a sort of “information” session and the next as a “practical.” We loved being able to ask any questions and not feel silly, and felt very comfortable in the sessions. I personally loved that I could tell Nia something I was worried about, for example never changing a nappy or winding a baby before, and she brought a doll round for our next session so we could get the hang of dressing/undressing/changing and winding baby and even showed us the easiest ways to bath a newborn! I love how the sessions are so informal and just made us feel so comfortable.

I also expressed my worries to Nia about being terrified about needing a c-section or induction or if anything goes wrong. Nia made sure I know what happens step by step if something does go wrong or if i do need a c-section, which made me feel so much more confident and comfortable, i was just scared of the ‘unknown’. We were left with a lot of information sheets to go back to, plus massages for my birth partner to do when i’m in labour, birth ball excercises and labour positions!

Was there anything that you feel could be improved?:

Nothing at all!

Would you recommend my services to others?:

Absolutely. Anyone we know in the future who is pregnant will 100% get our recommendation for you!

Please add anything else you would like to say!:

We just really want to thank you for making us feel so comfortable and so at ease all the time that you were here! Nothing ever felt rushed and you answered all of our questions and made us feel like now we actually have an idea of what’s coming! Although i’m still nervous, your sessions have made me more excited than scared! Thank you so much Nia! x


06/05/19 LAURA…

Laura is a Leicester based blogger who has been writing about food and drink for many years on her blog, The Extreme Housewife ( https://extremehousewife.com/ ) She also now writes about her pregnancy, her first baby is due at the end of May. I met up with Laura for a private antenatal preparation session and this is her review: