just born baby and mother

Potential topics for discussion could include:

Late stages of pregnancy

  • Your body at the end of pregnancy, helping baby into a good position, packing a hospital bag / preparing for a home birth, preparing for planned caesarean section, preparing for induction of labour, writing a birth plan


  • Signs of labour, when to call the hospital / midwives, what happens when you get there/ midwives arrive, physiology of birth, hormones, pain relief, birth partners, induction of labour


  • Straight forward birth, instrumental birth, caesarean section, water birth, skin to skin

3rd stage

  • Placentas, cord cutting, vitamin k, baby checks, baby’s appearance

Immediate Postnatal period

  • Your body, emotions, baby, hormones, mess

First few days

  • Postnatal ward, midwife visits, pain relief, healing, emotions, hormones, sleep, adjusting to parenthood, breast feeding, bottle feeding, baby care, sources of help